Training and Education


We have good credentials of organizing high quality tax workshops for development sector and business organizations. Because our team closely work with clients, they understand the issues and challenges faced by organizations in complying with tax laws.  

Our tax trainings normally include:

  • Business Tax Issues
  • Employment Tax Issues for local and expat employees/consultants
  • TDS on Service Fees, payment to Tax Exempt Organizations and Contractual Payments
  • PAN and VAT queries on procurement
  • Reverse VAT system
  • Tax Exempt Organizations
  • Tax Issues for Individuals

With years of experience presenting workshops to a range of audiences, our expert team can tailor the seminar or workshop to meet your specific needs and ensure examples given are relevant to your particular industry. 

84.21% of the participants in our workshop believed that our sessions and materials were neither too technical, nor too basic, but 'just right' for them.


312 participants in 2016/17

87 organizations in 2016/17 

Our page will be regularly updated for upcoming trainings. For any in-house trainings, please write to us here

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