How we can help you?

Our team is among the best tax team working tegether in Nepalese market.
Nepal tax resource that we have is unmatched in Nepalese market.


Doing Business in Nepal

Our team of leading tax expert and corporate tax lawyer can together advise you the best business structure to operate in Nepal.  



Ongoing Tax Compliance

We can assist you in your ongoing tax compliance by acting as your regular tax advisor and advising in everyday issues.


Tax Advisory

We can provide you one off tax advisory in your complex tax issues or assist you in tax appeal or advance ruling application. 



Regular Tax Updates

Our subscribers get regular tax update on any changes in law, court decisions or new rulings issued by IRD.


Our Tax Resource

We are the first and only comprehensive tax portal and provide tailor made resources for your sector. Check our package page for details.


Tax Training 

We regularly organize tax trainings for business, INGO and expatriates, including in-house trainings. For details, please check here.



Service Details

The service offering of Nepal Tax Online revolves around our online portal, but, apart from that there are several areas where we can assist you.
We understand the nitty-gritty of Income Tax of Nepal, and International Taxation principles (Treaty application and Transfer Pricing) that applies for international transactions with Nepal.  
For an international investor, we strive to be your right start in Nepal. We significantly reduce the amount of time you spend in conducting tax and regulatory research for doing business in Nepal through our online resources. It addresses all your queries regarding investment in Nepal, written by experts with hands-on experience of serving international clients. Thus, it gives you a start, relieving from the need of searching right legal or tax advisor, and enables you to focus on more complex issues.  
For organizations based in Nepal or international companies having operation in Nepal, areas where we can provide you expert advisory services are:

  1. Practical advice on tax compliances, and tax planning through optimum use of available tax incentives
  2. Tax Litigation services
  3. Advisory on treaty application and transfer pricing issues
  4. Advisory on tax documentation;
  5. Prepare and apply for advance ruling
  6. Tax Compliance Review/Tax Due Diligence
  7. Second opinion to support your proposed tax treatment/decision
  8. In-house tax trainings can be conducted for your staffs, on employment, business taxation and all other practical issues in Income Tax.
  9.  For expat employees, we can:
  • Organize Entry interviews to familiarize them on Nepal Taxation regime, their compliance requirements, tax credit mechanism and documentations.
  • Review/Calculate tax liabilities for expats, prepare their tax return for duration of their employment in Nepal and
  • Obtain tax clearance and advise on foreign tax credit in their country of residence.

We do not provide audit services or tax return filing/tax certification services for corporate on its own, but can connect you to the right audit firm for the services or work on your behalf to liaison or to ensure your tax compliance.  We work together with leading Chartered Accountant firms and lawyers, to service our client needs. Our team, in such cases, will act as your first point of contact/team leader for the services, ensuring impeccable service delivery.

For an international investor

we strive to be your right start in Nepal. by significantly reducing time you spend in conducting tax and regulatory research for doing business in Nepal through our online resources. .

For tax auditors and lawyers

our tax resources can assist you in providing appropriate tax opinion to clients and keep you updated round the year.

For all tax payers

we ensure that you remain updated through our newsletter and get all tax related resources applicable for your sector.

For expats

we can assist you in Nepal tax compliance by familiarizing with our tax system, and ensuring you pay right amount of tax. 

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