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C0812079-80 Tax on Payment to member of Cooperatives
C0432079-80 Income Tax and VAT on Joint Venture having Foreign Partner
C0292079-80 Tax on Education Service Fee
C212079-80 Income, taxable income and other tax liability of a Permanent Establishment
N2079-80 Income, taxable income of a Permanent Establishment
C132079-80 Basic Criteria for Tax Exempt Status
Changes in Income Tax applicable from 1 Shrawan, 2079
Changes in VAT act Applicable from 1st Shrawan, 2079
Changes in Excise Duty Act Applicable from 1 Shrawan, 2079
C2078-079-155 Taxable Value for Advance Tax on Sale of Land & Building by the Banks & FIs
C2078079-85 Tax Clearance Certificate of Cooperatives
C2078-079/141 Change in Control when Pvt. Ltd converts into Public Ltd
C2078-79/150 Change in Control when Pvt. Ltd turns to Public Ltd.
C2078/079146 Income Tax and VAT Registration of District Forest Produce Supply Committee
C2078-79/143 TDS on Deposit
C2078-79/141 Capital Gain Tax on Involuntary Disposal of Land & Building
C2078079-140 Zero Rate VAT on Audit Services
C2078079-76 Compulsory Electronic Billing
C0482079-80 VAT on Consultancy Contract
C2078-79 /121 Tax on Approved Retirement Payments
C2078-79/118 Taxable Transaction on Supply of Taxable and Exempt Goods and Services together
C2078-079/117 Deductibility of Amount Transferred to Quarter Fund under Labour Act
C2078-79/95 Withholding Tax on Payment of Participation Fee in Trade Fair outside Nepal
NTO- Revision on Income Tax Directive on 2078
C2078079-468 Export of Molasses to Country other than India
C2078079-426 Export of Molasses outside the country
C2078-79/36 TDS on Importation of Service From Foreign
C2078-79/32 TDS on Purchase of Goods from India
C2078-78/33 Tax on Interest paid to a company resident in a country with which Nepal has double tax avoidance treaty
C2078-79/30 Change in Control on transfer of shares after death
मितिः २०७८।०८।२२
C2078-79/27 Tax on Foreign Players playing in Nepal
C2078-79/24 TDS on Purchase of goods from Bangladesh
C2078079-325 Spirit Sale Procedures
C2078-79 Professional discounts and facilities (for income year 2078/79)
C2078-79 Tax rate for natural persons (for income year 2078/79)
C2078-79 The Income Tax Act, 2058. Advance tax deduction on payment as per Sections
C207807918 Capital Gain Tax on Dispoal of Land
C2078/79-14 Compulsory PAN while filing E-TDS
C2078/079-15 Compulsory PAN For All
C2089079-10 Tax on Rent Income of Retirement Fund
C2078/7908 TDS On Payment under Contract
Report of OAG: Corporate Tax on Share Premium Amount
Report of OAG: Tax on Gain on Bargain Purchase from Merger/Acquisition
Report of OAG, 2078: Tax on Renouncing Rights
Report of OAG, 2078: Anti Avoidance Rule on Permanent Establishment
Report of OAG 2078: Long Term Contract
Report of OAG: Observation on Revenue Policy
Report of OAG: Tax on Social Networking sites
Report of OAG: Different Tax for Same Nature Businesses
Report of OAG: PAN
Report of OAG: Questions on Advance Ruling
Report of OAG: INGO Related
Report of OAG: Related Party Transaction
Report of OAG 2078: Taxation of Cargo Service
Report of OAF 2078: Change in Ownership
C-2078-79 Regarding renewal of excise license
C002-78-79 Clarified on education service fee and advance tax deduction
C2078/79-02 Withholding Tax on Education Service Fee
C005-78-79 Regarding the designation of the taxpayer to submit the purchase and sale account electronically
C005/2078-79 Submitting Sales and Purchase Book Electronically ( Electronic Upload)
C207807901 Ownership Time Period for Land of Natural Person
C2077-78 Regarding serial number of tax invoice
C2077/78-15 Serial Number in Manual and Electronic Tax Invoice
C1122077078  Change in Control on Conversion of Pvt. Ltd into Public Ltd
C077-78 Tax Rates Applicable for Natural Person for F.Y 2078-79
C077-78 TDS under Sec 87, 88, 88Ka & 89 and Advance Tax under Sec 95Ka applicable for 2078-79
C2077-78 Business Concessions and Facilities for Income Year 2078/079
C2077-78 Tax Rates for Entities For Income Year 2078-79
C2077-78-937 Refund of Capital Gain Tax
C2077/78-09 House Rent Tax at the time of Issuing PAN for Doing Business
C2077-078-97 Change in Control in Demerger
C207707894 Capital Gain on Jointly Held Property ( Land and/or Property)
C-095-2077-078 Corporate Tax on Distributing Bonus Shares from Share Premium Account
C-232-2077-78 Taxable Income on Mismatch
C040-2077-78 TDS on Payment under Contract
C59-2077/78 Re-Registration in VAT after Deregistration or being Nonfiler
C028-2077-78 TDS on Payment to Indian Party under Contract
C026-2077-78 Tax on Interest income during tax holiday period
C272-77-78 Renewal of non-governmental organizations
C022-077-078 TDS on Payment Made to Non-Resident Person from DTTA Country
C202077078 TDS on payment of commission paid to General Sales Agent ( GSA)
C202077078 TDS on Fees payment for Employee Training conducted outside Nepal
प.सं. २०७७/०८
C017-2077-78 TDS on payment for Software License Purchase and Related Implementation Services
C015-077-078 Tax on Dividend to Shareholder after merger
C026-77-78-Regarding the arrangement of issuing Personal Permanent Account Number (PPAN) from the automated system-
C2077/78-94 TDS on Service Payment under DTA Treaty with India
C012-2077-78 Quantification of other facilities provided in connection with vehicle facility to employees
C014-2077-78 TDS on Procurement of Goods from Foreign Countries
C011-2077-78 VAT on Commission received by Educational Consultancy from Foreign University
C-2077-78 Notice for Extension of Time period to verify Sales and Purchase Register
C005-2077-78 TDS on Procuring Goods From Foreign Country
C132077078 VAT Invoice in Foreign Currency
C-022077/078 PAN for Person Giving Vehicles on Rent
C191- 77-78- TDS rate applicable for F.Y 2077-78
C155-76-77 Revised New Forms from 1 Shrawan, 2077
C204-76-77 Regarding income tax
C205-76-77 Regarding advance tax deduction and VAT on sending arbitration payments abroad
C206-76-77 Section 95A of the Income-tax Act, 2058. Regarding the implementation of the provisions of Sub-section (6A)
C201-76-77 Regarding pre-order
C199-76-77 Regarding tax exemption

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