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Report of OAG: Corporate Tax on Share Premium Amount
Report of OAG: Tax on Gain on Bargain Purchase from Merger/Acquisition
Report of OAG, 2078: Tax on Renouncing Rights
Report of OAG, 2078: Anti Avoidance Rule on Permanent Establishment
Report of OAG 2078: Long Term Contract
Report of OAG: Observation on Revenue Policy
Report of OAG: Tax on Social Networking sites
Report of OAG: Different Tax for Same Nature Businesses
Report of OAG: PAN
Report of OAG: Questions on Advance Ruling
Report of OAG: INGO Related
Report of OAG: Related Party Transaction
Report of OAG 2078: Taxation of Cargo Service
Report of OAF 2078: Change in Ownership
C-2078-79 Regarding renewal of excise license
C002-78-79 Clarified on education service fee and advance tax deduction
C005-78-79 Regarding the designation of the taxpayer to submit the purchase and sale account electronically
C2077-78 Regarding serial number of tax invoice
C077-78 प्राकृतिक व्यक्तिको लागि लागू हुने करको दर (आय वर्ष २०७८/७९ को लागि)
C077-78 आयकर ऐन, २०५८ को दफा ८७, ८८, ८८क. र ८९ बमोजिम भुक्तानीमा अग्रिम कर कट्टी तथा दफा ९५क. बमोजिम अग्रिम कर असुली सम्बन्धी वयवस्था (२०७८/७९)
C2077-78 व्यावसयिक छुट तथा सुविधाहरु (आय वर्ष २०७८/७९ को लागि)
C2077-78 निकायको लागि लागू हुने करको दर (आय वर्ष २०७८/७९ को लागि)
C272-77-78 Renewal of non-governmental organizations
C026-77-78-Regarding the arrangement of issuing Personal Permanent Account Number (PPAN) from the automated system-
C014-2077-78 TDS on Procurement of Goods from Foreign Countries
C011-2077-78 VAT on Commission received by Educational Consultancy from Foreign University
C-2077-78 Notice for Extension of Time period to verify Sales and Purchase Register
C191- 77-78- TDS rate applicable for F.Y 2077-78
C155-76-77 Revised New Forms from 1 Shrawan, 2077
C204-76-77 Regarding income tax
C205-76-77 Regarding advance tax deduction and VAT on sending arbitration payments abroad
C206-76-77 Section 95A of the Income-tax Act, 2058. Regarding the implementation of the provisions of Sub-section (6A)
C201-76-77 Regarding pre-order
C199-76-77 Regarding tax exemption
C197-76-77 Regarding pre-order
C194-76-77 In relation to taxes of non-commercial taxable property (shares) nature
C144-76-77 Regarding issuance of tax payment certificate of personal PAN
C192-76-77 Regarding income tax on rental vehicles
C193-76-77 In relation to taxes of non-commercial taxable property (shares) nature
C191-76-77 Regarding the tax levied on the fees sent by the educational institution abroad
C187-76-77 Regarding the imposition of VAT on internal transactions of materials related to covid-19
N-IRD 2076 Further Extension Time Limit for Submission of returns and payment of tax thereof
C MOF 2076 Relaxation on Submission of returns and payment of tax thereof
C138-76-77 Regarding having digital display board
C168-76-77 Regarding advance tax on capital gains
C166-76-77 Withholding tax and Reverse VAT on IELTS Examination Fee
C165-76-77 Regarding advance tax deduction on capital gains
C157-76-77 Withholding Tax and VAT on payment for Live Broadcast in Foreign Channels
C161-76-77 Regarding the income statement of the tax exempt organization
C151-76-77 Regarding the implementation of the Unified Procedure on Interest Subsidy for Concessional Loans, 2075
C159-76-77 Regarding advance tax
C150-76-77 In relation to capital gains tax
C112-76-77 Regarding implementation of biometric and new registration form
C114-76-77 Regarding biometric registration system and 10 percent VAT refund
C141-76-77 Regarding advance tax deduction and value added tax
C142-76-77 Regarding the pre-order of tax deduction
C142-76-77 Regarding opinions and information
C135-76-77 In connection with the advance tax deduction on service payments of the American Towel and Adventure Show
C131-76-77 Capital Gain Tax on sale of jointly owned Land
C132-76-77 In respect of advance tax on the disposal of the property of a sole proprietorship
C129-76-77 Withholding Tax on Payment for participation in training in Foreign
C064-76-77 Regarding sending necessary action decision
C120-76-77 Tax on house rent income of Approved Retirement Fund
C119-76-77 Withholding Tax on Sales Commission
C118-76-77 VAT Invoice on transfer of assets as a part of business promotion program
C117-76-77 Withholding Tax on Banking Software
C113-76-77 Regarding value added tax
C115-76-77 Regarding pre-order
C110 76-77 Tax Rate for Multipurpose Cooperative
C100-76-77 In relation to the advance tax
C098-76-77 Regarding pre-order
C097-76-77 In relation to capital gains tax
C082-76-77 Withholding Tax on Tuition Fee paid to Foreign University
C077-76-77 VAT on Printing of Cheque Cover and Cheque Demand Form
C104-76-77 Employee Bonus on Financial or Taxable Profit
C070-76-77 VAT on Travel Medical Insurance Premium
C071-76-77 VAT in Travel Medical Insurance
C022-76-77 About the implementation status of CBMS affiliation
C064-76-77 Regarding advance tax filing
C055-76-77 VAT on service supplied to Tax Exempt Entity
C060-76-77 Regarding pre-order
C061-76-77 Regarding pre-order
C050-76-77 Tax on Multi-Purpose Co-operatives
C045-76-77- WTH on house rent paid to Trust
C045-76-77 Withholding tax on payment of rent to a trust
C029-76-77 VAT Credit not allowed
C026-76-77 Withholding tax on payment of membership fee
C027-76-77 VAT on Commission from Foreign Party for marketing services in Nepal
C027-76-77 VAT on marketing services payment by foreign party
C025-76-77 In relation to capital gains tax
C019-76-77 VAT Refund Even after lapse of stipulated time period
C011-76-77 VAT on husk of Rice
C009-76-77 Capital Gain Tax on Acquisition of Land by the Government or Government Owned Entities
C004-76-77 Withholding Tax and Reverse VAT on Service Fee paid to Foreign University
C003-76-77 Regarding pre-order
C003-76-77 About providing personal permanent account number
C204- 75-76- TDS on Payment to Non resident Indian Company
C203-75-76 Regarding assistance / coordination in VCTS implementation
C201-75-76 Regarding collection of advance income tax
C199-75-76 TDS on payment for Invoice on Foreign Currency

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