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The "Ask an Expert" facility covers legal, procedural and compliance issues relating to tax areas covered in the relevant package namely:

  • Personal income tax
  • Corporate tax
  • TDS
  • Other provisions of income tax law

In "Ask an Expert" facility, we aim to answer the day-to-day questions that arise in your business or practice. It is likely that your question is already covered in our question bank. In such case, question you ask would not be counted towards package limit. We also update the database on regular basis with the questions asked by the subscribers or new issues faced.

While we shall endeavor to answer all practical queries, however it may not be possible to provide solution to queries that require further review of classified information, agreements, documents and depends on individual circumstances of the tax payer. Therefore we cannot review specific documents or other detailed attachments to answer you. Nor can we advise you about the correctness of tax positions you have taken or commercial transactions. Our service does not also replace the need for specialist advice on planning or strategy matters. However, where possible, we will set out alternatives for further consideration.

Although questions can be submitted at any time, our analysts will respond during our normal office hours. The service will not operate during public holidays. We shall give you an answer usually within 72 hours and on first come basis. This means questions asked first, will be answered first. You can ask questions online by logging on to our website, clicking on the "Ask an Expert" link under and submitting your query. Questions cannot be asked by email.

The number of questions you ask is limited as per the package you buy and is subject to 500 character limit for each question.

This requires you to use the facility prudently. But it is likely that your question is already covered in our concept note. In such case, question you ask would not be counted towards package limit. We also update the database on regular basis with the questions asked by the subscribers or new issues faced. Further a different question cannot be included as a sub-question. 

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