Nepal Tax नेपाली कर- Facebook tax discussion group



Nepal Tax नेपाली कर is a facebook discussion group initiated by our lead tax consultant Bhava Nath Dahal in September 2013 and is the most popular tax discussion group of Nepal. It has +21,000 members who use the group to ask tax queries and discuss on practical issues they face.

Nepal Tax Online supports the facebook group through following initiatives:

  • We will be providing detailed response to selected tax queries raised in the group in Nepal Tax Online website.
  • Our tax experts act as moderators and admin of the group, and will actively assist the members in their tax discussion. This will support the excellent work of few other tax practitioners who contribute to the group.
  • The Tax FAQ in TAXpert, our mobile application, and the FAQ in this website will be regularly updated to include new tax issues faced by group members and discussed in the group.

The group can be accessed here. We welcome you to join the group. 

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