WHT on Non-contributory ARF

What is non-contributory ARF There are few approved retirement fund (ARF), which pays their retirement payment to the member without their actual contribution. Employer transfers fund the ARF. ARF maintains separate books of accounts. As per the notice of the employer

Impact of Tax Concession in Foreign Investment in Nepal

Income tax is levied in the income of a person. If there is no income tax in that income, return to the investor will be higher. For example, if Rs.1000 of investments earn Rs.100 in a year before income tax of 25%; profit before tax is Rs.100 (10% of investment), income tax is Rs.25 (25% of inco

In Nepal Tax

VAT has single tax rate

कर कथा देवर्षि नारद मृत्यु लोकमा के कस्ता कर लगाउँदा रहेछन् र कसरी लगाउँदा रहेछन् भन्ने बुझ्न मर्त्यलोकमा झरेछन् ।  मर्त्यलोकमा आइपुग्ने वित्तिक्कै धुलो उड्ने सडकको छेउमा अब कता जाने होला भनि अलमल परि यताउता हेर्दै रहेछन् ।  अलि परबाट हेर्दा एउटा जुँगामुठे एक्

आयकरको (अ)सुविधा

दिवा स्वप्नधारी बखानथोके बचत सहकारीमा हरिलठ्कले २५१०० व्याज पाएछ र हरितन्नमले चाँही २५००० मात्रै । गलफत्ति चलिरहेको थियो । दुवै लेखापालसँग झगडा गर्दै थिए ।  हरितन्नम भन्थ्दैथ्यो, "मैले र हरिलठ्ठकले उति मोहोर रुपैया सकारीमा राख्या हुन् । मेरो ब्याज

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Bhava Nath  Bhava Nath

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Bhava Nath Dahal is a renowned tax consultant and trainer in Nepal and the author of the bestselling tax book titled, “Income Tax and Value Added Tax.” Mr. Dahal was felicitated by Nepal Government in 2016 for his outstanding contribution to the public through tax education. Mr. Dahal is highly regarded for his understanding of Nepalese tax and has provided opinion on complex tax issues for all key industries in Nepal.

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